Thursday, September 18, 2014

How I Dyed My $25 Thrift Store Couch

I bought this hide-a-bed couch for my son's room.  We've been updating his room to a young man's hang out.  I had been seeing on Pinterest an easy way to dye furniture with a spray bottle.  I thought it made sense and looked simple.

I found the couch at a local thrift store.  I left it outside in the heat of  Utah and covered it in plastic for about two weeks.  I wanted to make sure no bed bugs or other critters were in the couch.  I didn't need any surprises!!  I then mixed up the RIT Dye in Aqua with hot water. I found the RIT Dye at Walmart in the Laundry isle for $3.00.   I started spraying it.  It only lightly colored the couch.  I was looking for bright color. 

I finally took the head of the spray bottle and put in up to the fabric and started saturating it.  2.5 hours later.  I still wasn't done.  It needed to be darker. I thought my hand was going to fall of from pumping so much.  I hand to do something else I didn't want to be out here for two more hours.

I made a large 32 oz tub (butter tub) of double strength solution of dye and hot water.  I got a old paint brush and went to town.  I did 2 more coats. I recommend painting the couch.  It was so much faster and easier.

 I removed the skit around the couch.  It looked a little more Mad Man-ish.  I let dry out in heat for 4 days.  I wanted the heat set it.  After that we used Scotch Gard.

 I need to repair the small tear on the edge of arm.  The hubs is going to add dark wood trim around the bottom of the couch.  It will look more manly.  I probably could have done one more coat.  After it dried there wear a few lighter areas.  Overall it's a big improvement to the light green couch. 

Grady doesn't have a large room.  He wanted that way.  So we had to get creative.  The hubs built him a raised platform pallet bed so he could have room for a couch.  That was Grady's idea.  I will reveal his bed next week.

All that matters is Grady loves it!!  Stay tune to Pallet bunk bed and reclaimed wood closet wall.

Happy Creating,



  1. Love this idea! Does the dye wear off or come off on your clothes?

    1. Thank you. No it shouldn't. You do need to heat set it. I had it out in the Utah sun for 4 days. This step is very important. You do need to Scotch Gard it. There is so much information and tips on the RIT Dye website.