About Us

About Us

This is a family business.  I'm a wife married to my best friend, Tim and a mother of one beautiful son, Grady. 

I was an early childhood educator for over 20 years.  Children ages 0-5 I have cared for and loved more children than I can count.  Each child left a footprint on my heart.

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromaylgia (Chronic pain & fatigue).  My life as I knew it was changed forever.

I was devastated and had to find a new way to live with limitations. The butterfly became a important symbol in my life.  It gave me hope when days were filled with physical exhaustion and pain. The feeling of lost of identity was very real.

Through much reflection and prayer I realized that through God that I could re-invent my life just like the butterfly.
 God's grace is sufficient and enough and that He can love me through this mess of ME!

Three years ago, my hubby was laid off  and has only found part time work.  He now works full-time with me in this endeavor of make something old new again.

Everyday that I redesigned a piece of furniture, I can't help but think that Lord does that with us each day.   He is renewing us and making us new again day after day.

I'm tattered around the edges and that's okay.  Being perfect isn't what it's all cracked up to be and it's truly exhausting!
From our family to yours we hope we can inspire you with our furniture and our journey with God.

With much love,

Debbi, Tim, and Grady

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