Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Spray Paint a Front Door

Happy Fall Y'all.  I love Fall.  The cool mornings, crunchy leaves, and homemade chicken noodle soup.  I wanted to redo my front door.  I was tired of the cream.  I wanted a deep rich color so when I put a wreath on it it would pop.   

I'm a simple gal.  I like projects to be simple but creative.  I started with our front door it has been cream for 13 years.  My door had so many scratches and ding from unloading and loading furniture. 

I choose to us Valspar Premium Finish with Micromist. I would get a even coat that would be smooth.  I wanted  Navy Blue.  Well, I was wrong!!

This is 2 1/2 coats.  The Micromist technology made the spray can narrow and not even.  I've used spray paint for years on different projects.  I was stunned when the door came out looking like this!  The blue was a little off too.  I wanted deeper blue that wasn't bright.  It was awful.  Grady, (my son) said it looks like graffiti.  I agreed.  I couldn't live with that!

We made another trip to Lowe's and they refunded our money.  We were going to try a different brand of paint but couldn't find a navy blue.  Valspar Outdoor was the only one with Navy Blue.  I needed a front door before sundown.  No, I wasn't stressing out!  HaHa!

There is a little bit of streaking.  I had to leave the glass door open because of the glare.  It looks better.  I can live with it.  I love the color.  Coming soon a simple Fall Wreath


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