Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Perspective in 2014

Several years ago I took this photo at Lincoln City, Oregon.  I grew up collecting agates with my family.  An agate is a rock that has been polished by the sea for many years.  I thought I was just taking a picture of the agate, but when I loaded it up to my computer I realized in captured the ocean too.  This picture is all about perspective.  Do you look at the beautiful agate or do you look at the spectacular view of the ocean?

When I put the agate close to my face it seems so huge but in reality it only an inch big!  I pick up a rock (a trial or frustration) and that is all I can look see.  When I put it back into the sand I realized I was being refined.  The waves were polishing me.      

I look to the ocean and I see the future but I also see the past.  I have made it through many storms in my life. Many years of infertility, long adoption process, chronic illness, and other things to name just a few.  The ocean is strong but calming.  It shows me where I have been.  I can come through any struggle because I have in the past.

2014 I want to focus on what the photo represents.  Whether it's near to my face or far as the depth of the ocean.  I don't have to choose because I need both perspectives.  Together they make a beautiful life.

  Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful, 


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