Monday, January 6, 2014

Switch Plate Redo

Our recent renovation every room needed to painted.  I thought I would change out all the switch plates and plug covers but then reality hit.  I could end up spending hundreds of moola.  I decided I would pick a few rooms to update.  The master bedroom and bath I choose Bead board switch plates.  My son's room I went with Diamond Plated switch plates. 

Now what do in the rest of the house?  There is a lot of things that a can of spray can cure.  I found this color that went in entry way and living room that is very soothing and would add subtle detail.  It is Valspar Outdoor Spray Paint Color: Jellyfish.  You don't have to use outdoor spray paint.  Jellyfish only came in outdoor spray paint.

    6 Easy Steps

A few other preferences I like are:

Make sure it is completely dry!  I live in the second driest state in the nation.  Drying times are quick here.  If you live in a humid area, you may need to let it dry over night.  Both dry times are so important.  You don't want to have to strip and start all over.  Believe me, I can be so impatient when it comes to this step. I use will have to leave the area and find a few loads of laundry to fold or unload the dishwasher to keep me away!

Using a clear coat it will be easier to clean and keep away fingerprints.  I use Varathane, it is a clear coat the doesn't yellow.  If choose to use light colors this is a must. 

I found that if I use a microfiber cloth with warm water and mild dish soap it cleans up in a breeze.  I'm crazy about microfiber cloths.  I could do a whole  blog post on them!

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