Monday, December 30, 2013

An Easy Way To Store Christmas Ornaments

Last year I changed most of Christmas Ornaments out to vintage.  That means I have a lot of breakable ornaments.  I told the hubs that I wasn't sure what how to store these.  I was worried that a lot of them would end up broke the next year.

The hub's said he had an idea.   He ran into the kitchen and brought back egg cartons.  What a clever idea.  Each ornament could be nestled in compartment and I could organize my ornaments at the same time.

We usually by our eggs at Costco and they have Styrofoam egg cartons.  I hate throwing these away because the take so long break down in the dump.  I grew up in Portland, OR in the early 70's.  We were go green way before it was cool.

Storing the mini ornaments.

You can use cardboard containers too.  

Turquoise Ornaments.

It was so nice this year to get our ornaments out and not one of had broken over the last year.  Wishing you an inspiring and creative New Year!

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful,



  1. You must have only small ornaments. Mine are larger and will not fit in egg cartons. Any syggestions? I pack mine in plastic storage boxes from walmart and put bubble wrap between the layers.

    1. Jean, I think you have a great solution. Thanks for commenting. Wishing you a wonderful 2014.