Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making a little outdoor space for you!

 I love my rose garden.  It reminds me of my childhood.  Portland -The City of Roses
 I love to cut them in put them vases all over my house.  They smell so good!
 An old roasting pan adds color to my backyard...Pansies and violets.
 This sits on my deck in front of my glass sliding door.  Succulents are the best.  No need to water everyday, once a week suit these little beauties.  The old Wagon I picked up for a couple of dollars.  I've had it the last 5 years.
  All of the things you see here, the birdhouse, coffee pot, rusty bucket, ladder, rusty chain, old gardener tool, and chippy chalkboard make this a sweet spot for me. This little spot cost under $15.00.  Not pictured is my chaise lounger.  You can find me sipping lemonade and reading one of my many magazines on a hot summer day! 

 I know a lot moms in the summer shuffle kids to swimming lessons, friends, and more.  Even if you can only get 15 minutes a day, it's worth having your own sweet spot.  You deserve it!   

What inspires you in your backyard? 

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