Tuesday, June 21, 2011

911 Rescue Me Furniture Finds!

Recently on a hot saturday afternon I decided to go hunting for furniture finds.  I know a lot mom's who hate mini vans.  I can't say that about mine.  This green van is 13 years old and has hauld more stuff then I can count!  I call it my mini truck!

4 loads later, 12 pieces of furniture, 26 home decor items, and one exhausted me, I found me some great treasures!

Below are few more pictures:

 I love the shabby white basket.  It came out of an old school years ago.
The dresser on the right is from 1904.

The little elephant salt and pepper shakes I just couldn't pass up!
One of my favorite items to redo is old type writer stands.  The little log cabin can is 24 years old. 
I saw this and thought I have to have it.  Yes, it's missing a few things! Aren't we all a little tattered around the edges? 

I've already started on several pieces!

  Tattered Butterfly Design has big news we will be in the new shop The Old Flamingo in Salt Lake City, UT. Seven local artists will be featuring one of a kind furniture and home decor.  It is located at 23rd East and about 3400 S. next to Holiday Oil in a Big Old House!  More information to come.  

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  1. Hi Debbie, You are definitely a kindred spirit! I love anyone who can take
    a piece of junk with "potential" & make something beautiful out of it. I'm going out of town, but when I get back, I can't wait to read/see more!

    Warmly, Michelle