Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1960's Vintage Desk

I found this darling 1960's Vintage Desk for a very sweet price at a garage sale. It is a solid wood piece. No damage at all to the desk. That was so hard to believe considering it's almost 50 years old. On one of the drawers is stamped February 2, 1960. I love the lines of this piece. Before I went on vacation I hand painted this piece. The weather has been so hot that I couldn't finish it until now. I had a similar desk when I was a child. I love how the pink and brown work together. I first sanded down the piece it was old dingy cream with homework written all over the top of the desk. Then I painted it a very soft pink. More sanding and then a dry brushed the brown on. I then sanded the edges down and finally a little poly..... The stool I found, again at a thrift shop and it was not stable but had good bones. My husband added new screws and I added the crushed velvet brown piece of fabric on top, well it use to be an old curtain. I love vintage finds and finding new purposes for old stuff..... Enjoy!

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  1. Your desk is adorable. I agree, the combination of the pink and the brown really makes it! Great job.