Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home from Vacation and Much More...

Originally posted July 27, 2009

Oh, boy I've been on business/vacation trip for 2 1/2 weeks. I just got back late Sunday. Wow! I had so much fun. I worked on a scrapbook for my brother who was turning the BIG 40!! I visited so many shops and vendors in through Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and the great NW. Including getting lost in the Battleground, WA with my Mom. We found some great Vintage, Shabby, Cottage shops and the Barnhouse boys barn event. It sparked so many things that I think my brain is hurting!! OUCH.......I found some great vintage finds. Oregon is wonderful because there is NO sale tax! What a bargain. One of my favorite spots was Grandma's Funky Furniture. All I can say was my husband is a wizard when in comes to getting everything in our van.My photography side of me loved taking close up picture of my Mom's beautiful garden. Of course, I couldn't resist taking some pictures on an old logging road and ended up taking an 8 mile walk (round trip) on the beach to do a little rock climbing to get just the right picture of the Oregon Coast....By the way my Fibromyalgia was intense and I had to resolve myself that pain pills was the only way to get through it. I hated giving in!! I wasn't going to go down with out fight. Giving into the pain was something I struggled with the whole trip. You know what though, God was so good to me. He was there understanding me. Walking with me. Giving me strength each day even though it was a fight and struggle that no one else could physical see. Sometimes that is the hardest thing to deal with. Fibro is an invisible disease that robs me at times of the most precious experiences in my life. I decided that it may be pain pills I had to deal with but by letting go I was able to give in to life and be present in those two weeks.Seeing my son play in the ocean and beaming with pure joy of child is so amazing! To have a son that brings so much joy in our lives is such a blessing. Hanging out with Mom and finding all the best shops in town and Junkin' with my Dad was great. Having my husband snuggling next to me and going to sleep with the ocean waves crashing against the beach is something I will never forget. I have wonderful memories of our vacation "Summer 2009".One more thing! I celebrated my 18th wedding anniversary. We had nice bottle of champagne, delicious food, and the best view of the Willamette river with my sweet husband. I joked with Tim that we've finally made it through high school now. LOL.... Pictures to come.

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