Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Trying Out Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

Recently, I picked up some Sweet Pickins Milk Paint.  I couldn't wait to try it.  She's a local gal in Salt  Lake City.  I like to support local businesses.  So here it goes!

I found this Oak 90's TV cabinet at a local thrift store for $8.00 a few years ago.  Why I bought was it was sturdy, on wheels, and was painted brown.  I believe all furniture should be on wheels.  It's easier to paint, that for sure!

I painted the inside with Sea Green and dab of Cream.  You have to mix milk paint powder with hot water.  It's says warm but I prefer hot.  It seems to dissolve better for me.  I add a little water at time and make a paste.  This helps break up the small clumps.  I like my paint a little thicker so I added a little bit less water than equal parts.  I added Extra Bond to make sure it would adhere on the inside.  I recommend this if you want a solid color with no distressing or chipping. I didn't want to see any oak peeking through.  I needed to transform this piece not let it live it in the '90's.

I painted outside Driftwood with 3 tablespoons of Cream with no extra bond.  I wanted a chippy look.  This is what it looks like after after the milk paint dries.  It flakes.  I then sanded lightly.  I used wax to seal the TV Cabinet. 

Add chicken wire and it's ready to go.  I'm so excited how it turned out.  We have a TV that we bought years ago.  Of course that's right after flat screens came out about a year later.  Having an older house we have smaller rooms. The TV is now tucked in the corner and makes the room feel larger.   I'm calling this my Rustic French Maiden.  Perfect for my home.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful, 


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  1. Great transformation! Don' t you just love Sweet Pickins milk paint!