Monday, February 10, 2014

Sweet Valentine Craft Made Out Of Cake Pans

 I found these cake pans at a local thrift store.  I was looking for vintage ones but no luck.  So these will do.  I used Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Salem Red and Light Cream with extra bond.  The paint went on with out a hitch.  I'm in love with this paint.  There are so many applications with this beautiful paint.

 I then used Acrylic Paint to add a little more contrast. 

The only small paint brush I could find was a kid's one!  Still unpacking from our flood.  Ugh!

I picked up Martha Stewart Silkscreen.  I know it looks like a stencil.  I cut out the letters I wanted.

 The silkscreen letters were easy to use.  They are flexible, thin, and reusable.  You pull of the letters before the paint dries.  I can using them on many surfaces.  Glass, fabric, metal, to name a few!  They were $20.  I used my 40% coupon and then 20% off total sales coupon.  I'm always looking for a deal.  

 I added these darling soft green glitter letters.  You can get them at Jo Ann's Fabric.  I lucked out. They had not been entered in the computer so they gave them to me for a $1.  Score!  They were $4.99.  You can never have to much glitter!


What's a craft project with out a glue gun!  Layered vintage buttons using a glue gun. 

 My Grandmother's apron string.  It was leftover from another project I did.  The vintage rose fabric was perfect.  It added a sentimental value.  My grandmother Anne passed away my senior year of high school.  I wished she had been alive to see us get married.  I know she was there in spirit. 

I added the vintage Scrabble magnets that are usually on the fridge.  Yesterday was our 23rd engagement anniversary.  Hard to believe.  After 23 years together I'm still smitten.  Wishing you a sweet Valentine's day.

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