Monday, September 3, 2012

Thoughts of a Former Home Schooling Mom

Catching up.  I haven't posted regularly.  Summer just gets away from me.  I feel better in the summer.  My Fibromylgia is more manageable. 

Hubby and I have been super busy with designing and upcycling furniture.  We realized with being so busy, which is a good thing, that we needed to make some family decisions.  We've been homeschooling our son, Grady for the last few years.  We have enjoyed being together 24/7.  I have loved watching Grady learning and seeing what he is capable of.  We've loved having a flexible schedule.  We didn't think we could home school again this year which is even hard to write about or say out loud. 

We prayed and talked about it daily over the summer.  We didn't want him to go to our local school we lived by.  Grady had attended there for 2 years.  Kindergarten was great but first grade was a whole different story.  If anything could go wrong, it did.  By the end of that year Grady was changed.  He had become a boy that was confused and lacked self-confidence.  It was heartbreaking to see. That's when we started to home school.  It took about 18 months before we seeing lasting changes and his confidence come back.  It was so hard to think about putting him back in public school.

Here in Utah you can transfer to a different school of your choice if they have room in your child's grade.  I spent a big part of summer looking on line and researching local school websites.  It was a daunting challenge.  We finally narrowed down to two schools.  We couldn't apply until a few weeks of school before it started.

The day came and one school had no room.  The other school said they had room and then a week later said they didn't have room.  Roller coaster was a little hard to ride.  We didn't know what to do.  We gave it one more week and  a phone call from the principal said that the did have room.  This is a very good school and we were so relieved!  Praise God for the doors he opens up.  It's because of Him. 

A week ago my precious son started school.  We all had breakfast together.  We prayed together.  I took pictures of him.  We walked up to his teacher's line and then the tears started.  Not him, ME!  A rush of emotions came over me.  Heartstrings tugged hard.  I tried to stop the tears.  The overwhelming feeling of love couldn't be stopped.  I was going to miss being a part of life all day.  I love my son, but I also like my son.  One more hug.  No kisses in public anymore because he'll soon be 10! 

The bell rang and he left.  Hubby and I walked make to the car.  I started to cry again and on an off for the rest of the day.  His personality is big and our house is quiet.  I don't really like it.  It seems awkward.  It's going to take sometime getting use to it. 

We picked him and he had a great day and a great week.  He is loving it.  I'm so happy that it went well.  Eight years from now we be dealing with college.  Ugh, it's not going to be pretty!  I'm so grateful for the 2 years we home schooled.  We all loved it.  Sometimes change is hard but I have no regrets. 

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