Friday, March 11, 2011

Tips and Tricks of Painting

  I have people asking me all the time "How did you do that?"  Below are a few tips that help when painting laminate furniture.  Yes, I said laminate.  It can be tricky but this hutch turn out great.  It was heading to the dump.  What a shame that would've been!

1.  Use a Deglosser.  What is Deglosser?  It takes off the glossy finish and helps the paint adhere.  Just rub down the piece of furniture and no need to sand.  Go ahead and start painting.  (Lowe's & Home Depot)

2. Unattch the pack of the hutch.  Pick your favorite wall paper, I prefer prepasted.  It's one less step I have to do to get the job done. Lay the back on the floor and then attach paper.  Make sure you get out all the air bubbles.  Use yardstick to gently go over the wall paper in one direction.  Let dry completely.  You don't want your paper crooked. 



Possible applications:  Book shelves, entertainment centers, dresser with a missing drawer or two.  Feel Free to visit my website and see more at my website


  1. that's a wonderful transformation and those are pieces that are showing up for cheap at auction love to see someone making them new again

  2. LOVE!!!!!!! awww big crush on that. Where oh where did you find Paris wallpaper????