Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vintage Door Love

Tattered Butterfly Design loves to re-purpose doors and shutters.  There are many possibilities with these beauties. 

1.  This vintage door had lots of potential.  I loved the layers of crackled paint.  The door has a think coat of polyurethane for protection and that there will be no flaking paint.  I made in to a hall tree with a storage bench.  The storage bench was made out of reclaimed shutter.  The fabric on the bench is a reclaimed curtain that adds a pop of modern.  I used cast iron hooks that continue that vintage touch.  This is a great represntation of what vintage modern is all about at Tattered Butterfly Design.

2.  Vintage Dutch door.  The raw wood and painted green panels don't do much for me.  This is the back side of the door.  I painted it with a soft white. Lightly distressed the dutch door. The cast iron brackets are humming birds which adds to the charm of the wood garland at the top of  door.   Added back the hardware it came with. Then I  used reclaimed cedar planks and painted them white for the shelving.  This would be great in a nursery, bathroom, or a kitchen.  A great way to add storage with vintage charm.

3.  Barn red shutter chalkboard and magazine rack.  Yep, this was an old shutter and I added red and chalkboard paint.  It has a vintage bathroom facet knob and old trim from a farm house to hold the chalk.  This was purchased by a darling lady and she is going to use in newly redone kitchen.

4.  Yep, that's right this is vintage solid wood bi fold closet door.  This project was a snap!  I started sanding it to prepare for paint and realized this had red paint underneath!  Yippee,  that meant I didn't have to paint it.  My hubby took over and did the rest with adding shelves etc..... This would be great in a kitchen with cookbooks and vintage housewares on it.  I think it would be nice in child's room for added extra storage.

5.  Shutter corner shelf.  Ohhh, laa, laa, I love these corner shelves!  Very easy to do.  I used reclaimed wood for the shelves.  Yes, I love lime green it gives furniture a fresh modern look.  We also added new wood trim for an extra charm.  You really have a lot of space to show off your

6.  Cherry wood french doors that ended up at the dump.  That's right the dump!  I found them in a store that has reclaimed items.  I bought the last 11 doors and had great visions of what I could do!  I thought these would be great to add fabric,batting and paint to make a queen sized head board.  You could add chicken wire, chalkboards, or metal.  I decided that I would add metal to the empty panels.  I added paint and metal and abracadabra instant photo and message boards.  I have sold 6 with 5 left!

You don't have to throw away items that are left after a remodel of room or a home.  There is nothing like having a home that doesn't look like its a big box store.  I like to call it "living authentically".  Your home should reflect your personality and thank goodness we are each unique and wonderfully made!

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