Monday, June 21, 2010

All I Can Hear Is Crashing Waves In My Ear

I've decided that for a little while I'm changing my blog background.  It's all in the blog title.  You see I'm an Oregonian and you just can't take the Oregon out of a women like me.  Yes, I've almost lived in Utah for 14 years.  Oh, that wasn't the plan, but you know how your life's journey doesn't always turn out like you've planned.  The last several years we've vacation on the Oregon coast.  Last year we had a beautiful ocean view house and I went to sleep every night with the sounds of the crashing waves on to the seashore.  I also loved seeing the joy in my son's eyes as he insists on playing in the ocean everyday and it doesn't matter how cold the water was. 

This year there is no vacation, but a dream coming true.  A lot of hard work.  What I hear most now is sanding, nailing, washing out paint brushes, and more. A few sleepless nights.  Working 24/7 even though I take 2 days off from the shop but there is always more to do.  Tonight I wish I was sleeping with window open to the smell of fresh sea air.  Tomorrow is a new day and you'll find me at Tattered Butterfly working on my dream to be who God created me to be, but that doesn't stop the dreaming of the gorgeous Oregon coast and on my blog!   

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