Monday, April 26, 2010

Cupboard Doors

I haven't been lost. I've been getting ready for by debut at the Hobble Creek Barn Boutique held this week in Mapleton, Utah.

A few weeks ago I decided to work on these vintage cupboard doors. I have been thinking about our world today. There is so much negativity swirling around us. Kind of like the story of "Chicken Little". It can be quite depressing if you soak all of that in. It is important to be hopeful in life. This is why I put "Live Hope" on the first cupboard. You have to choose hope.

The second one is about destination in life and living a life of grace. I've come to learn that you can plan so many things in life. I use to have an illusion that "I" was completely in control of my life. I realize when you stop controlling your life that you are more free to be yourself and God can bring so many things in to your life that you can't imagine you would ever do in life. That's why I believe to live life one step at a time. It about the journey not the destination. Life is lived in the journey. That is where for me the true joy comes in to my life.

I've had many unexpected things come in to my life. Infertility, adoption, fibromyalgia, owning 2 different business, and many more things....... too many to list! Sometimes in great pain, loss, or/and struggle, God brings many beautiful outcomes that become cherished fragrant roses. I'm keeping this beautiful bouquet that God's so loving gives to me. I'm going to keep this tattered life of mine!

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