Sunday, February 7, 2010

A New Begining

Moving in! Yep. I can't believe it, but last week I moved into my new space! One 26ft moving truck, a three day rental, setting up an LLC, Commercial Ins., New business account, tracking down a credit card machine, oh I better stop! The list is too long, but the good news is I'm still standing and smiling at the same time! LOL!
Above is a few snapshots of Tattered Butterfly Design LLC. My husband is building this counter for me. The bottom is a door I found on the side of the road being thrown out! It was a dark walnut color. I loved it from the start. Today I added Boston Fern green to the carvings and then took Spa blue over the top, and then added a Americana stain. Every step was hand rubbed with a old t-shirt. I realized as I was rubbing paint that the carving has a pineapple in the middle of it. As I continued the it was shaped liked a butterfly. What a God wink. I felt God's presence as I thought about it. God is always in the details.
We still have a ways to go on the counter top. We added old trim from a house that was probably a 100 years old. It had been in a fire and was all charred, but with a little sanding it has come back to life. The wooden leg is an old telephone pole cut in half. I love the old with new. Countertop is cherry wood shelf that was in a multimillion dollar home and I got at a second hand shop for $8.00! .
There is a lot more to do, but what I want to do is enjoy every moment of the process. It's in the everyday moments that life happens. I thank God for this new experience. His love, His strength I could not live without! Cheers to my new beginning!
Yahoo the Saints won!

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  1. Way to go Debbi! I'm so impressed. Can't wait until you're open and I can swing by for a visit!