Sunday, January 31, 2010

On the Move.....

I was so excited to let every one know that I have a shop! As I added more things to my 200 square feet room in Ogden. I realized I needed more space. I thought I would look online for a bigger space. Amazingly enough I found 2400 sq ft space. Part of the space is a big commercial shop for sanding and painting! We all know what a mess you make before your done with your creation. I can't wait to start moving in tomorrow. Today I had movers load a 26 ft truck. Yippee I get my garage back!

It has around 700 sq ft showroom. With a lot of storage. It's great space in Orem, Utah which is about a half hour commute from my home. I can't wait to get some pictures up online. I thought I should let you know. I'm looking forward showing it off and sharing it with my friends and family. Vintage girl is growing up!

1 comment:

  1. Debbi, I am so excited for the new direction you are taking. The space sounds wonderful as space is always an issue for us junkers. I wish to all good things along the way of your new journey.