Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vintage Girl

Yep that's me. Vintage girl! I just can't get enough of vintage furniture, glass ware, windows, linens.....This list is very long and too long to list right now.

I wonder where did it come from? Was it from my Great Grandma Weber, Great Grandma Betschart, or my grandparents, or my parents? I have so many precious memories from all of them.

I can see my Great Grandma Weber in her kitchen slicing softball sized peaches. The juice just dripping from her hands. I loved the sweet little flowered bowls she placed here deliciously sweet peaches in. I can see her wrinkled hands pouring thick fresh cream from the pitcher she always had in her refrigerator.

Preparing every meal from scratch for my Great Grand Father and his brother, Uncle Ferdie as I knew him. Yes, she was from hardy stock, Switzerland to be exact. She was stubborn, a perfectionist, and stern. The thick accent that I could hardly understand and her voice boomed when she spoke which made me some what scared of her. Though I always wanted to visit her when I was a child.

The vintage girl in me loves the smell of freshly sliced peaches, old little flowered bowls, the small pitcher of cream, and especially her wrinkled hands that showed me that is how she loved her family.

This is one thread of tapestry of the vintage girl in me.....

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