Sunday, April 3, 2016

Nurturance, An Important Piece To Creativity

Six months ago I started working part-time at Mental Health Facility for young children.  I teach in therapeutic preschool group.  We help children with behavioral issues.  A child may have Autism, ADD, or have experienced trauma.  There are challenging days, but I have to say for the most of the
time it's so rewarding to see preschoolers improve and become self confident.  One of things I have noticed is how much nurturance can play a big part in a child's progress. 


  1. :  affectionate care and attention

I've had this little sign for years.  I've always loved it.  It has reminded me of young children, and how they are tender little plants that need our affection and care.  It seems simple doesn't it?  Sometimes in life it not so simple.   

I realize I don't have to be young to need nurturance in my life.  I have a chronic negative Nelly in my head.  The things I say about myself I would never ever say to someone else.  I don't need anyone to beat me up, I do a good job all on my own.  I need to evict Nelly, she has had to much of my brain space.

Attending my e-course Hello Soul, Hello Mantra by Kelly Rae Roberts has been life changing and I'm not even to the art part!  I've been writing in my my journal most days which my heart loves.  I am tapping into who I am and who I want to be. 

I need to nurture myself.  To love one's self I've always felt it was conceited.  It's always been easier to love other's than myself.  There's Nelly in my head, whoa Nelly! Loving myself is actually where I can be broken opened. Like a little baby chick hatching out of it's shell one Spring morning.  It's where I allow myself to open those tattered wings and fly free. I refuse to be critical of myself anymore.  

This hangs in my entryway.  Sweet Love. I made this about a year ago.  I thought I would change out the saying on the heart chalkboard.  I haven't.  I was inspired to put this in my home because that is what I desire for my hubby and son.     Sweet love is for me, my soul too.  I can give more when I love myself.  Nurturing is must if I desire to be vulnerable.  Being kind and gentle with my soul builds a place in my heart that I can create.  Where I can fly free with grace and love.

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful, 




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