Monday, January 13, 2014

It's All In The Details - Reclaimed Dutch Door Table

 We've all seen before and after pictures of dilapidated furniture made new again.  I'm hooked on before and after shows.  Go to Pinterest and in three easy steps you too can have a new kitchen.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy all of it.  I'm in the before and after business, after all.

To the outside world it can seem all I do is crinkle up my nose as Samantha did on "Bewitched"  and it's done. Where in reality there is a lot more steps to the projects Tim and I tackle. 

The  word reclaimed is a buzz word in the DIY furniture community.  I was taught this at an early age what reclaimed was though that was not a word we used then.  My Mom would take my Dad's old worn out work boots and plant hens and chicks in them and put them on the front steps.  She  received compliments on those old boots.     


to get (a usable material) from materials that have been used before
a :  to rescue from an undesirable state  

There is beauty in the reclaimed.  Last summer we had an old dutch door that we had for a year or so.  Crinkling my nose, TA DA!  That's all it took.  No not really. Tim and I collaborated on this project.  

 Solid Wood One Of A Kind Custom Dutch Door Coffee Table.  This piece will last for many years.  

Heavily distressed with power sander..  Glaze is Minwax Early American.

 The skirt was discarded wood scraps came from a construction job site.

I found a coffee table at a thrift store.  The top was ruined.  The chunky legs I feel in love with.  I spent $20.00 on the table.  $5.00 a leg was a screaming deal.  It's hard to find new legs for that price.

The door knob hole would be so cute with juice glass full of fresh flowers, pens, or candy holder.

I designed the table, sanded it, glazed it, and sealed it with a poly acrylic.
Tim used his carpentry skills to remove the legs from the old coffee table, cut down the trim and skirt.  He then built the table.  The new items were the screws and trim.  

The details are what makes a beautiful piece of furniture.  I hope when you see a before and after pictures you'll remember that someone put there heart and soul into it.  

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful, 



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