Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside! New creations!

Salt Lake City is under a huge blanket of snow.  Our temperature is maintaining under the 20's.  Yikes!  I'm not a fan of this cold.  I can handle the snow but the frigged temperature is for the birds!  It hasn't stopped me from painting.   It's therapy for me to be painting spring colors on furniture.  This little dresser is painted coral and minty green. 

I love the look of fresh pressed linen.  Especially with white.  The end tables and coffee table would look great in a french inspired room or  a beach inspired room.

Who doesn't love turquoise!  I love turquoise with black.  The lamp on this sofa table is a favorite of mine.  It may have to go home with me!

Several years ago I wasn't into Mid Century Modern.  I have to say it's grown on me.  The sleek lines and amazing construction makes for classic modern look.  The color on this dresser is a slate blue which speaks to the clean lines of this piece.  

Sometimes a piece doesn't have to be painted.  A small changes of hardware can be all a piece needs.  This would be great as an end table.  Lots of storage and great height for a lamp and books.  A solid oak dresser is always a great look.  

All of these pieces are for sale at The Old Flamingo in The Tattered Butterfly Design section.

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