Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where I Create, Ideas for the DIY's

It's now been a month since we closed my storefront.  I finally have a place to create and homeschool my son.  This has been fun to create a bright and cheering space in room that I spend about 80% of my time. 

I'm enjoying a slower work pace.  I've been designing a few rooms for a young couple .  I'm enjoying helping them with their living room and family room with a small craft room.  Creating for me is like water to a parched soul!  It fills me up!

It feels good to have my home office put together, but of course it's not finished.  I would like to change the paint color and.......Never mind!  I'm hoping that you can come up with your own DIY creative area!

 Hope Chest turned in to Window Seat!  The shutter adds privacy and style.
Vintage stools add to this one of kind work desk. It's made out 2 doors and one huge shelf for the top and charred farmhouse trim.

 Message center made out of old window trim, 2 rug samples, and magnet board from Ikea.  Painted to with chalkboard paint.  The shutter shelf is a favorite!
A home office that's me!  A place for my son to learn and create new memories. 
I'm home.....


  1. Looks great! Is it the big room downstairs? I'd never suspect you used to house a daycare in there - although my boys have many fond and happy memories of that daycare...

    I love being home too, but my DIY space is still a work in progress...

  2. Thanks Staci.

    The used to be the playroom upstairs. We did alot of singing, dancing, reading, and playing there. I never thought it would be my home office and school room! I have great memories of your boys too!