Monday, September 13, 2010

Tattered Butterfly Design Before & After

I think I have the cutest helper ever.  My son loves to help out!

I love this hutch.  I found this in Oregon about 15 years ago.  I've had it in my home for that long.  The lady I bought from said she remembers it in her grandma's home when she was a young child.  It's probably at least 60+ years old.  I love that it has a ton of storage.  It also has 2 pieces which makes it a lot easier to move. 

The hutch was in great condition.  I wish we always find pieces in this kind of condition.  I started out sanding down the top of the buffet.  It had a lot of scratches on the top.  My son and I were able to sand out most of the dings.  It was his first time using an electric sander.  His smile reveals all!

Then a solid layer of black paint.  Then two layers of creamy white.  Big black ceramic knobs.  Light distressing to show a hint of black.  This hutch didn't have a back when we got it but I decided to add a back and used artisan paper for a vintage modern touch.

I think it turn out great!  It has vintage modern style.  If your interested it is my store Tattered Butterfly Design in Orem, UT for  $499.00.

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  1. The hutch turned out great! So cool that your son was able to jump in and help. The sander is the perfect way to introduce him to power tools. You're right, his smile DOES say it all!