Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't Pout, Create!

Art by Mary Engelbreit

I love magazines! There is something calming for me to flip through a magazine. I love great photography, the stories, tips, and ideas. "La Vie Claire" is about living a creative life and "Where Women Create" the title says it all.

I remember about 5 years ago I read a book by Mary Engelbreit (Artist)about how she started out as a young child. She had a little place to draw in her closet. She wrote about her current studio. She mentioned that having a creative place to create helped her each day as she sat down to draw.
It inspired me about 6 years to create my own little studio. I found a nook in my family room and that I decorated with things that inspired me. A few pictures of my sweet son and hubby. A few drawings from Mary Engelbreit. I have loved Mary Engelbreit whimsical and cheery drawings for about 18 years! Also creating a lot of storage for my stash of scrapbooking my supplies. Back then I scrapped tons of pictures of my new little son. Oops, getting a little sidetracked!

Now I have my own store where I create daily. I realize that I need to work on my studio so I have an inspiring place to create. There nothing pictures worthy, yet. Stay tuned. I hope you'll be inspired to do something for yourself and create a space know matter how big or small that you'll be inspired to create!


  1. Every time I see something Mary Engelbreit I think of you. It's a nice, sunny reminder of a woman who cared for my boys.

  2. Thanks Staci. Every time I hear songs from "It Must Be Giants" It makes me smile and think of your precious boys! Grady, still listens to the CD you gave us years ago!