Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life is crazy and I'm a year older....

Life is crazy and I'm a year older.... Yep, you read that right! Over a month since I've blogged and my blog has suffered.

I traveled to Oregon at the first of October to see my family and to "junk" those 2 weeks away. I just love the hunt of the "find". I brought home 3 desks, one buffet, picture frames, an old lp record stand, an old 7 foot ladder strapped to top of my van the t and much more... I'm sure my son and I looked like "The Grapes of Wrath" driving back to Utah. Oh the memories we'll have to share in the years to come.

I didn't have enough room in my van. So my dear old Dad is going to drive his truck to Idaho for Easter. Thanks Dad. I had a great time with my family but I have to admit Fibro sucks!! The exhaustion and physical pain just never goes away!

Grady has had the flu twice in one month. I turned 43 years young (thinking positively). On Friday my sweet hubby came home and had bad news. He has been laid off of his job.

I sit here not fearing for the future. I'm living in the present and know God is walking with me in this crazy life of mine. A Tattered Butterfly I am but off to my studio to create and move forward.

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