Monday, March 23, 2009

Ode' To Grandma Anne

Over the weekend I went to the library to get a book on hold. It is called "A is Apron" by Nathalie Mornu. It is a darling book about aprons. There are so many cute aprons I would like to make. It got me thinking about my Grandma's aprons I have had for years. I decided I would create a stool for my make-up area. The cool thing is my make-up table is my Grandma's old sewing machine that folds down into the table. I love it! I now have something I will use each day and it is great way for me to remember my Grandma Anne. She made many Sunday dinners wearing that apron.


  1. amazing!!!! love that repurposing. i have the bed spread from grandpa's bed from when he was a kid and i want to do something fun with it for my girlies and my nephews. still thinking...maybe tooth fairy pillows? idk, but you got me thinking again.

  2. Holy cow... that is TOOOO cute! Love it!

  3. Hi Debbi,
    I loved your stools new outlook on life! I believe your grandmother would approve. I look forward to following your blog, drop by mine anytime. It is always nice to meet new friends.